Ginger is a custom Lalaloopsy.
Ginger Bread Cookie

Ginger Bread Cookie


Sewn On: Dec. 2nd

Sewn From: Cookie Crumbs

Personality of Ginger

She loves Cookies! She loves it so much that she eats unbaked cookie dough!

What Ginger looks like

Hair Color: Light Brown with brown parts with a crown

Bow Color: Brown

What She Wears: A brown dress with a brown belt with red and yellow icing

Her Sewn-On Pattern On Her Dress: Red and yellow icing

Other Things On Her Dress: Brown belt

Ginger's Pet

A Cookie!

Ginger's Home

Roof: Light Brown

Wall Color: Brown

Ginger's Other Merchandise

  • Ginger Full Sized Doll
  • Ginger Mini
  • Ginger Micro

Guess What!

  • She has two hair accesories. A crown and a bow.
  • Ironically, The Sled That Mini Ginger Plays In The Snow Is The Same Prop That the Sew Snowy Holly Sleighbells real doll Has.
  • Ginger's mini-doll's hair is miscolored, but it could possibly be due to limitations. They couldn't add the streaks because then the streaks would be way too tiny!
  • Her real name was "Ginger Bread Cookie". And Because Crumbs Sugar Cookie already has the last name "Cookie", it was changed to Ginger Bread Dough.

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