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Ginger Piped Icing


Name:Ginger Piped Icing

Sewn On: December 24th (The Great Holiday Bake Off)

Sewn From: Ginger Spice

Personality of Ginger

Ginger Piped Icing is a fierce sassy baking competetor who loves nothing more than baking ginger bread men and perfecting recipes you can often find her in her gingerbread home made of sugar, spice and everything nice.

What Ginger Looks Like

Skin: Peach

Eyes: Black buttons

Head: Just like every ginger bread girl large outrageously pink colored hair very 60's topped with a large pink bow because more is more.

Torso: She wears a ginger bread colored dress with pink and white frills, 3 large strawberry cream swirl buttons and a pink belt.

Bottom: Pink and white frilled ginger bread colored dress.

Shoes: Ginger colored high tops with white frills and pink bows. Other Accessories: You would generally find her with a mixing spoon in hand handed down from her grandmother.

Ginger's Pet

Chef NumNums is gingers kitchen hand she is always trying to add bananas to Gingers Gingerbread recipes. She stays cutely attired in her chef hat that has a large bow and her white and pink heart baking apron. 

Ginger's Home

Roof: Ginger bread Piped icing White Pink and purple swirls

Walls: Ginger bread Piped icing windows with lolly decorations.

Other Merchandise

Large Doll Comes with Pet and Poster

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