• A re-draw of Gloria
  • Gloria's Regular Outfit
  • Gloria's Fancy Outfit--a red floorlength gown, and Kevin the sea cucumber's hat
  • Lenneh's Fanmade Art
  • Gloria and the winners of The Last Battle - Ms. Lalaloopsy Universe 2014
Gloria Truelove
is known for being so boring, but can read people's minds. She uses this so she can get money for telling people who likes them. Gloria has a part-time job as a telephone representative for a credit card company.


Sewn on: September 15th (Free Money Day)

Sewn from: Cash

Personality of Gloria

Gloria is very bland, but has a love for money so strong that it overpowers every feeling she can ever have.

What Gloria Looks Like

Gloria has short red hair that flips at the ends, fair skin, pale pink cheeks, black button eyes, and always wears a red dress. She never wears shoes because she doesn't believe in them.

Gloria's Pet

Gloria's pet is a $100 bill.

Gloria's Home

Gloria lives in a twelve story gold encrusted mansion.

Gloria's Other Merchandise

  • Gloria Truelove full sized doll ($25.97)
  • Gloria Truelove mini ($6.50)
  • Gloria Truelove mini + full sized doll bundle pack that costs $37.95 and is sold only at Toys R Us

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