TGIF! Now I- Oh... I still need to make 66 solutions for math... FML (not really)

Yaysies! It's Friday! So... I may or may not have a new doll posted every week! Depends if I feel lazy or not. ' Cause seriously... This wiki is down on the dumps (Expression, not an insult. I love this wiki.)

So anyways I'm making twin sisters for the heck of it! G- gomen. I really love twins (in mangas)... Sis com and bro com.... kyaa! So anyone else like PB&J? I've been toasting bread all week. Consuming like 1 loaf of bread in two days.

Her sister is Strawberry Jelly Butter!


Grape and her twin was sewn on April 2. She was made with a jar of grape PB&J. She's two minutes older than Strawberry. 

Personality of Grape

Grape is mature yet a little childish. She has that older sister vibe around her and has sister complex. Sometimes she takes it too far and controls Strawberry's life. Whenever she is upset, she eats strawberry PB&J from the jar.

What Grape Looks Like

Grape is fair skinned with dark violet eyes and pale pink cheeks. Her hair is caramel with dark violet stripes. Her bangs are straight cut, divided into two. On the right side, there is a wavy dark violet streak. The rest of her bangs are long with dark violet streaks and just frame her face. She wears her striped hair in two bunches. Grape wears a petal sleeved, caramel top with a dark violet streak in the middle. Her skirt is composed of three layers. The first is caramel, the second is dark violet and the last is caramel. She wears a dark violet belt and caramel shoes with dark violet straps and brown socks.

Grape's Pet

Grape has a pet lovebird, with caramel colored feathers in it's body and head. The rest of the feathers are dark violet. It also has a dark violet cowlick on its head. It's eyes are dark violet and its beak is colored yellow.

Grape's Home

Grape and Strawberry's home is caramel colored with alternating, wavy streaks of dark violet and dark red. The inside is plain light caramel with red and purple furniture.

Grape's Other Merchandise

  • Grape Full Sized
  • Grape and Strawberry Full sized Twin Pack
  • Grape Mini
  • Grape and Strawberry Mini Twin Pack

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