• Remake! Her dress is complicated in ways... :(
  • Gumi's Dress for The Last Battle - Ms. Lalaloopsy Universe!
Yaaayyy! Finally! After this and the Choukora sisters Imma post IA :)


Gumi was made on June 25, 2009 with carrot GIF's

Gumi's Personality

Gumi is really fun and wild! Although she has dissociative identity disorder (like on the songs Ten Faced and A Fake Fake Psychatropic) she's still cool. She's also a closet otaku. :3

What Gumi Looks Like 

Gumi is fair skinned with pale pink cheeks and green eyes. Her hair is green and is short at the back while shoulder lenght at the front.... AKA tomboyish sidetails. She wears a orange and cream top with petal sleeves and dark orange polka-dots, and a yellow orange latex material belt over it.  Her skirt is orange with cream tulle layers. She has a magenta cloth around her leg and wears pearl white boots.

Gumi's Pet

Gumi owns a rabbit. She feeds it her extra carrots if there are any XD. It sometimes helps calm her on one of her 'personality changes'. How nice....

Gumi's Home

Her room in the VocaMansion has orange and yellow walls. All of her furniture is color pastel green. She also has a giant- and by giant I mean larger than her- plushie of a carrot. Her pet rabbit is kept on the VocaMansion's yard.

Gumi's Other Merchandise

  • Gumi singing full size
  • Gumi Full size
  • Gumi mini
  • Gumi loopy hair doll

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