Hairi Hatsumi is the pageant-exclusive doll made for The Last Battle - Ms. Lalaloopsy Universe! pageant. She was sewn on 10th May (Day of the Pageants) It is likely she will be entered in more pageants after TLB.


Hairi in her first ever pageant suit, for the mentioned pageant.


Hairi Hatsumi is a girl who LOVES pageants and can't stop entering them. She loves to win them and hates losing them. She can be a bit bossy and also a Mary Sue at times, and used to force all the pageant owners to make her win when she was younger. Today she is a pageant star, and appears in many pageants that lots of the Lalaloopsy dolls know and love!


  • Normal full-size doll
  • Limited Edition The Last Battle - Ms Lalaloopsy Universe doll with special dress
  • Full-size Loopy Hair doll with special pageant dress
  • Mini Loopy Hair doll with "Pageant Salon" playset
  • Lalaloopsy Babies Doll


  • On her TLB pageant dress, her legs and shoes aren't visible. This is because the skirt is very long and it goes to her feet. A photo of her shoes and socks are posted on the TLB page.
  • Hairi speaks about being a Mary Sue a lot of the time, thinking she is too good to be true. This is why some poorly drawn dolls like Lemons 'N' Squeeze hate her, agreeing that she IS too good to be true.
  • She is the first doll made for a LCDI pageant.

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