Haruhi Suzumi
Haruhi Suzumi

Sewn Date

June 6 (Release of the First Haruhi Suzumya Light Novel in Japan)

Sewn From

Haruhi Suzumiya's North High Uniform

Darn, I need my mom's lappie back, drawing a doll in muro should be pretty hard to get used to, because this Chromebook has no default paint program.


Haruhi is really interested in supernatural things. She is also a person who is easily bored, so she usually joins clubs and leaves them.


She has shoulder-length brown hair, and her headwear is an orange headband. She wears a schoolgirl uniform that looks like the North High uniform itself, but without the logo. Also, she wears a brigade leader armband. *forgot to draw the stuff in it* Also, she wears black socks and brown shoes.


Couldn't think of one.


She lives in a house surrounded by supernatural things, and she could do anything with those because of her god-like powers.


  • Full Size Doll

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