Helen Halloween
Helen is a special Halloween full sized doll! She is a fan made doll by Issa Perez.


Sewn on: October 30 (The day before Halloween)

Sewn from: A broom


Helen is a witch who enjoys making potions! (Good ones)

What she wears

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Midnight Blue

What she wears: Black dress, black and white stockings, and black sandals

Helen's Pet

Her pet is a frog!

Helen's Home

She usually sleeps under some random tree, but she really lives in Room 319 Beyond the Orange Condo, Lace Avenue.

Other Merchandise

  • Special Full Size doll
  • Special mini doll
  • Lalaloopsy M&M's Chocolate with Helen Halloween and Lady Fireball design

Guess What?

  • Her hat is removable!
  • October 30th is The day before Halloween


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