• Original by Issa!
  • Cookiez' <fanmade> Version! Dat clip....

I'm trying to make Pinata Pastries, but I'll post her later, anyway, this is a biscuit Loopsy based on Hello Panda and It's three flavors. Hello Panda is a Japanese biscuit, but Wikipedia said that it is British Style.


Sewn on: the Summer of 1979 (Hello Panda's first release)

Sewn from: Hello Panda box


Hitomi like to be different. Like she doesn't wear panda based items but she loves the flavors of Hello Panda!


She wears a chocolate colored jacket, underneath the jacket is a another chocolate layer, She also wears a milk cream hoopskirt with strawberry lines, and strawberry sandals.


Pet rock hitomi

My a's reverted back to normal at panda X(

Yeeaaarrgh! I wanted to make her have a pet panda, but it has to be a rock! A panda-shaped rock!


Her home is made out of bamboo, with a milk cream, strawberry, and chocolate roof.

Other Merchandise

  • Full Sized Doll
  • Mini Doll
  • Loopy Yarn doll
  • Biscuit Loopsies Bundle Pack

Guess what!

  • The Summer of 1979 is Hello Panda's first release.

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