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Honey B Queen



Name: Honey.B.Queen

Sewn On: 17th August (National Honey Bee Day)

Sewn From: Queen bee fuzz

Personality of Honey

Honey is a lovely super sweet girl who delivers sweet honey to all her friends every day. She loves the happy faces she sees anytime anyone tries her honey. You will often find her playing in her gerden filled with loads of different types of flowers she couldn't possibly pick a favourite flower since she loves them all so much.

What Honey Looks Like

Skin: Fair (Yellowy complexion from the pollen)

Eyes: Black Buttons

Head: Blonde hair tied back with a golden crown on top her head

Torso: She wears a smal black and yellow puffy short sleeved open vest with a black and yellow top underneath.

Bottom: Yellow Frilly poofy skirt with a black half over peticoat

Shoes: Open top shoes that look like bess

Other Accessories: yellow wings and black long gloves

Honey's Pet

Beary Bee is a cute little honey bear who disguised himself as a bee to get closer to the sticky sweet honey. When he was caught Honey decided to let him free but beary was so grateful he decided to stay with her forever.

Honey's Home 

Roof: sticky honey

Walls: honey comb

Other Merchandise

Large Doll Comes with Pet and Poster.

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