Lalaloopsy Customized Dolls land is having a fun Christmas! Join them in their fantastic adventure!



Carolle: Anyone want Snow cones?

Melody: Me and Rhythm!

Bella: Me!

Keira: Wee too swistery!

Bella: Oh, and one for Keira too!

Keira: Wyay!

Carolle: Okay! I'll go to Ginger's house and we'll make snow cones! Anyone want to come?

Melody: Me and Rhythm!

Bella: Me and Keira!

Sarah: Hey everyone! What's up?

Sabrina: Are you gonna make snow cones, Carolle?

Carolle: Yes I am! Want some?

Sarah & Sabrina: Yes!

Ashley: Me too!

Fashion: Me too!

Tori: Me three!

Victoria & Vannessa: Us!

Carolle: Everyone, get in the bus 'cause we're gonna make snow cones at Ginger's place!

All: Yay!!

Everyone gets inside the bus...

Carolle: Who's gonna drive?

Sarah: I am!

All: Yay!

To be continued...

It's a joyful Lalaloopsy Christmas!

It's a joyful Lalaloopsy Christmas!

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