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"Becoming a star above the clouds that look beautifully"

I want to dab into non-existence because the page just reloaded and I lost all the work I did kms

Quick recap, I talked about how the reading for Itou's name is obscure because it's supposed to be read as Itoe but the 映 could be read as utsuru which is where I got the u ok bye (idk why i bother to explain this Shirayuki's and Mangekyou B's names are completely different from the stuff inside the parenthesis anyways)


Itou was sewn on May 31 from normal rags yada yada I've been over this.

Itou's Personality

Yeah he's kind. Gentle.  Proper. Whatever. He's alike with Shirayuki, which is why they get on stellarly (dont tell me thats not a word).  Takes care of mangekyou since they live together. Fusses over him. He was part of the Handicraft, Tea, and Art Club. Lots of clubs, yes, but he managed. He's sort of scared of Kyouka but whatever. Moving on,

What Itou Looks Like

Itou has light ???? is that even brown???? khaki???? hair and light ash brown eyes. He wears the usual uniform from where he used to attend school which consists of white pants (ew) and a grey shirt with a yellow necktie. He wears a khaki-brown jumper over that.

On his semi-glass version, he has tiny lilac flowers reflected in his hair with white thread-like cracks.

Itou's Pet

He's never had one. His family was pretty strict and the wildlife in the other world are repulsed by him.

Itou's Home

Itou used to live in a moderately sized western-styled house with his family back then (despite being raised in a traditional Japanese way). Nowadays he shares a house with mangekyou. Much domestic.

Itou's Other Merchandise

  • Full Sized Doll
  • kaleidoscope Bundle

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