Jacklin Skellington JPG

Jacklin Skull N Ton



Name: Jacklin Skull 'N' Ton

Sewn On: 30th October (Post Halloween)

Sewn From: The vest of the Pumpkin King

Personality of Jacklin

Jacklin is a dreamer of sorts who longs to do something extraordinarily different to what she is used to always finding new adventures and dreaming of a bigger better tomorrow.

What Jacklin Looks Like

Skin: Fair

Eyes: Black Buttons

Head: White slicked back

Torso: white undershirt. Black and white pinstriped long sleeved blazer 

Bottom: Black and white pinstriped skirt. Long white socks

Shoes: shiny black dress shoes.

Other Accessories: bat bow tie

Jacklin's Pet

Naught is a spooky ghostly dog with a cute orange pumpkin nose he wears a red collar. He is adventurous and mischievous.

Jacklin's Home 

Roof: spooky things

Walls: spooky things

Other Merchandise

Large Doll Comes with Pet and Poster.

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