Jade Blonden Happiness

OK. This is a doll based on one of my characters in my made up television series. And the name like Should have been Jade Blond 'n' Happiness, but I wanted to make Jade's name more unique.


Sewn date: January 15 (First Episode of Cotton Cuts Premiere)

Sewn from: Jade Bluejay's First Dress


She has hair that glows when she makes people happy!


She has long blond hair and can glow in the dark, and a feather of a bluejay as a hairpin. Her gown and shoes glitter and an amulet.


Her pet is a bluejay!


She lives in 499 Pineapple Towers. (Near Fruity.)

Other Merchandise

  • Special Full Size Doll
  • Special Two Pack with Callie Cotton Zoom

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