• Full body pic! (plus some changes from the original)
  • LMe's Original Photo!

Based on those lovely biscuits, Jamie! Can't you just eat that hair? Anyways... she was made by LMe :)


Jamie was sewn about... 50 years ago but she kept getting ruined so she was resewn and resewn until 2013 when she started getting new abilities to make other flavors: banana and toffee, and custard and jam. She was resewn every time with new looks and abilities.

Personality of Jamie

Jamie is a fun, tea loving gal who loves *cough*drooling on*cough* books, making jammy dodgers and jumping. 'Cause jumping's boss. She usually meets with her BFF's, the Biscuit Loopsies, Allen and Rilliane and makes tea with B.Ls, while joining the Wackycus twins when they make fun of themselves. 

What Jamie Looks Like

Jamie's hair is biscuit colored on her bangs and upper part while jam colored in between the upper part and the rest downward. She has pale skin and brown eyes with pale pink cheeks. She wears a light crimson sparkly shoulder strap and magenta sparkly top with a biscuit colored skirt decorated with gold sparkles on the bottom part. She has two Jammy Dodgers on her hair and her dress. She decorates her hair with round, sparkly, golden pins and has biscuit colored flats.

There are a few changes on the full body version of Jamie. She now has red eyes, the golden sparkles are now replaced with normal biscuit colored ones (Biscuit colored pins on her hair, biscuit colored line on her dress) the pins are also smaller and the line on her dress is wavy.

Jamie's Pet

Jamie also has a pet rock, same with Syrup. Yes, this is the third character I've done with a pet rock. Anyways since I think you guys deserve better I'll make her rock a dialog.
Jamie Pet

See? A dialog...

Jamie's Home

Jamie lives on a biscuit colored house with thin jam colors in between with Jammy Dodgers glued to the walls. Her pet is found greeting visitors with dialogs that randomly appear below it and people just go 'LOWUT?'.

Jamie's Other Merchandise

  • Full Sized Doll (Now limited since V.2 was released)
  • Full Sized Doll V.2
  • Mini Doll
  • Loopy Yarn doll
  • Silly Hair Doll
  • Biscuit Loopsies Bundle Pack

Guess What?

  • The V.1 doll gets released every September 3, the day it was originally made by LMe

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