He is the little brother of Peppy Pom Poms. His Twin Sister is Spirit Pom Poms


Sewn On: Any Day of the Super Bowl

Sewn From: a football helmet


He loves to play football and sports even though he isn't that good sew whenever he gets out he will just cheer for the others. To Be Continued

Quote: TBC

What Jock Looks Like


Jock's Pet

Jock has a bulldog

Jock's Home

Jock lives with Peppy and Spirit

Other Merchandise

  • Full Size
  • Mini Pack with Peppy and Spirit
  • Full Size Sibling Pack
  • Lalaloopsy Girls 'Annoying Little Siblings Pack'

Guess What!

  • His friends are:
  • Death Stitched n Sewn
  • Benjamin Coup De
  • Kanesan Teto
  • Savanna Kawaii n Epic
  • Flare Fire Princess
  • Twilight Mellowtone

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