Juicy Oraange

Juicy Orange

Her name was based on a Shopkin.


Sewn on: October 6th (Orange Day)

Sewn from: An Orange

Personality of Juicy

Juicy loves to make everything out of orange! Also, her favorite colors are Orange and Green!

What Juicy looks like

What she wears: Orange dress with orange picture and Orange and green booties

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: An Orange

Other things on her dress: An Orange picture

Juicy's Pet

Her pet is an Orange!

Juicy's Home

Roof: Orange Peels

Wall Color: Orange

Juicy's other merchandise

  • Full Sized Juicy
  • Mini Lalaloopsy Juicy
  • Lalaloopsy Micro Juicy

Guess What!

  • Juicy is named after juice!
  • She loves oranges because she is ORANGE!
  • She has the EXACT same first and last name from a character in Shopkins


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