Yeaaahh le second guy :D

Sooo....  I'm guessing you guys would like another... guy so yeah... made him before Meiko....


Kaito was made on 24 July with blue 0's and 1's. He became a loopsy when his final number was added.

Kaito's Personality

Kaito is a childish man who's possibly gay. Very gay. Which means happy. He likes eating ice cream and is simply a happy-go-lucky person. Kinda the opposite of Meiko.

What Kaito Looks Like

Kaito has messy blue hair ( that fangirls dig ), dark blue eyes, fair skin and pale pink cheeks. He wears a white coat with blue linings over a bluish gray tank sweater, with darker pants and blackish boots. He wears a blue scarf with a yellow panel on it. The number on his arm is 0.

Kaito's Pet

I know you guys might probably go berserk but, like Syrup, he has a pet rock. I know you guys are probably screaming 'WHY? WHY? WHAT DID WE EVER DO TO YOU TO MAKE YOU REDUCE KAITO LIKE THIS?' Well simple explanation.The other VocaButtons ( mainly Meiko ) Thinks Kaito is too immature and childish to own a pet. So instead they gave him a rock..... ._.

Kaito's Home

Kaito's room in the VocaMansion is painted in pastel midnight blue with posters of icecream and lots of icecream plushies. He dedicates the far corner of his room to icecream. It's practically a freezer ( I'm referring to le restaurant ones) full of ice cream and only icecream.

Kaito's Other Merchandise

  • Kaito singing full size
  • Kaito full size
  • Kaito and Meiko full size
  • Kaito and Gaku full size
  • Kaito mini
  • Kaito loopy hair doll
  • Kaito micro

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