Kanesan Tetooooo~


Kanesan Teto is VocaButton's first UTAU!!! Utau's are fanmade voicebanks!


Kanesan was on April 1, as a prank, with maroon "Rick Rolls". She became a VocaButton on October 20.

Kanesan's Personality

Kanesan is eager and cheerful. She's kinda naughty and a tsundere. She loves playing tricks and pranks on vocaloids and utauloids, though it might get a little extreme if she doesn't get her daily dose of french bread. Her only dream is to become a vocaloid.

What Kanesan Looks Like

Kanesan is fair skinned with pale pink cheeks. She has red drill like hair and eyes. She wears a navy blue top with cut off sleeves and a navy blue skirt, all outlined with red. she wears thigh boot heels, also outlined with red. She also has a tattoo that says 04

Kanesan's Pet

Since only Miku and a few others can keep pets in the VocaMansion, (also because she was too "immature") She just proclaimed that all the bread in the house belongs to her.... as her pet....

Kanesan's Home

Although she's an UTAU she lives in the VocaMansion with the other vocaloids. Her room is pastel maroon and EVERY SINGLE ITEM in her room is bread related... (every room in the VocaMansion is weird.. probably except the kitchen...) She equips her bathroom with (waterproof) mics and instruments, and like any other person, has a concert in the shower.... literally.

Kanesan's Other Merchandises

  • Kanesan Singing Full Sized Doll
  • Kanesan Full Sized Doll
  • Kanesan Mini Doll
  • Kanesan Silly Hair Doll
  • Kanesan Loopy Hair Doll

Guess What?

  • She's a chimera -half bat, half.... human / doll? (Are voca and utauloids even human / doll?)  
  • She's 31 but her chimera age is 15.5 
  • She was supposed to be an April Fool's joke 
  • Kanesan Teto is a pun for Kasane Teto