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Sewn On: March 21st (Jumping Roof Tops Day)

Sewn From: Ninja Clothes

Personality of Kara

Kara.T.Chop is athletic and stealthy she loves playing hide and seek. She is really good at acrobatics even though she is extremely scared of heights but she can usually over come her fears by thinking about how brave her pet panda is and how proud her friends will be if she succeeds.

What Kara Looks Like

Skin: Fair

Eyes: Black Head: Black hair with 2 buns tied up with blue ribbon Torso: Black Blue and purple robes with long flowing sleeves. Tied off with a purple and blue belt.

Bottom:A blue skirt with an over hang of the black purple and blue robe.

Shoes: Plain White socks to prevent any noise when shes trying to be stealthy

Other accessories: Black shin protection guards with bandages to make extra sure its secure.

Kara's Pet

Panda is a black and white, blue eyed stealthy Panda who despite his size is very acrobatic. Hes light on his feet showing he is not fat hes fluffy.

Kara's Home

Roof: Chop sticks and bricks

Walls: Looks like a chinese takeout box 

Other Merchandise

  • Large Doll comes with pet and poster

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