Flower? Background! I no understand what is color combination.

「(; ▼ ;)」It's. A. Head-LINE Doll~~* Also my last doll of the year.

More of them horrible vivid colors. I'm thinking of re-doing Pierrot since the color combinations are REALLY bad. Who am I kidding. There's no color combination.

Should I explain the name? Karakuri means trickster... I think.


No sewn on date, made with lies and tricks. orz It's another as-old-as-the-ButtonTales!-Dolls doll. Except older.

Personality of Kara

Kara is a trickster. Yep. Totally not obvious. She usually lies her way out of trouble and due to that she's become a <LiAR>. <LiAR>s are generally cast out of society and ignored. While she wandered around, she met Pierrot who is clueless about societal norms (and basically doesn't mind anything). Kara took a liking to her and started following her around everywhere even until today.

What Kara Looks Like

Kara has light bluish grey eyes and fair skin with light red cheeks. She has dark bluish gray hair with straight cut bangs, tied into two bunches with little red hair pom poms. She wears a purple turtleneck dress with oversized sleeves, a zipper down the middle and lace up the neck and down the dress. She also wears thigh high teal stockings with white lace and has a mushroom growing on her head (A curse for <LiAR>s or something).

Kara's Pet


Kara's Home

The Head-LINE Circus travels around so... Tent?

Other Merchandise

  • Full sized doll
  • Mini doll

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