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Name: Karmin.E.Gyptian

Sewn on: February 8th (International walk like an Egyptian day)

Sewn from: Cleopatra's dress

Personality of Karmin

Karmin.E.Gyptian was once a rag doll who magically came to life when her last stitch was sewn. She is an Egyptian Queen Who loves to be in charge. You will often find Karmin leading explorations down in the tombs of the Pyramids searching for the lost treasures of Egypt. Although she loves to explore she likes to be home with her pet pharaoh-cious kitty reading adventure stories. 

What Karmin Looks Like

Skin: Tan

Eyes: Purple A trait carried only by Egytians.

Head: Short  straight Jet Black Hair with traditional gold streaks. She wears a gold diadem worn only by pharoahs.

Torso: A traditional egyptian beaded collar of blue and gold beads. The top of her dress made of fine creme colored Egyptian coton. A band of gold and blue thread is wrapped around her waist.

Bottom: Creme colored Egyptian cotton skirt with an overlayer of glittery blue chifron for a more dramatic effect.

Shoes: Black hig sandals with gold studs

Other accesories: Gold arm bands with blue glittery chifron material connected from one arm band to the other.

Karmin's Pet

Pharaoh-cious Kitty is the Pharaohs right hand cat he is as black as night with emerald colored eyes and just like any great pet of a pharaoh this kitty is fashionably styling with a kitty sized pharaoh hat and matching neck band.

Karmin's Home

Roof: accented with jewels 

Walls: Shaped as a pyramid the walls look like sand bricks 

Other Merchandise

Large Doll comes with pet and poster

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