Sewn on: April 20th (Adolf Hitler's birthday)

Sewn from: A Criminals coat

Personality of Katherine

Katherine loves to not share her toys to other littles! She usually kicks and slaps other littles and bully them!

What Katherine looks like

Hair Color: Blue

What she wears: A gray vest with black belt and a SCARY lightning skirt and broken, old booties

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: Gray

Other things on her dress: A big white button on her vest

Katherine's Pet

SHE HATES THEM! So she doesn't have one

Katherine's Home

She lives with her evil older sister, Eva Dark Side

Katherine's other merchandise

  • Full Sized Katherine Littles Doll
  • Lalaloopsy sister pack Toys R' Us exclusive Eva and Katherine
  • Mini Lalaloopsy Littles sister pack
  • Silly Hair Katherine
  • Loopy Hair Katherine

Guess What!

  • She actually says bad words to other littles
  • She says "I dont like Trinket!" because, she is always making fun of her.
  • Her and her sister look alike
  • She often says the F word to other littles

Relatives and Haters


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