KeithArnaultsFanon is lala self! His little sister is CiaraRocksFanon!

Sewn on: June 15th (Keith Arnault Joins the Wikia Day). Sewn from: Wikia Verify E-mail! Sadly, he's retired now.

KeithArnaultsFanon as Lala Self


He loves to go on adventures! He goes to wikia on computer every time!


He has brown hair and blue eyes! He has red shoes and wears a black and red shirt.


His pet is a gray bunny!


KeithArnaultsFanon has a mansion and his mansion color is red. He lives with grandma, papa, mom, and his little sister!


  • KeithArnaultsFanon Full Size Doll
  • Mini KeithArnaultsFanon Doll
  • Full Size Sister Pack
  • Mini Sister Pack

Guess What!

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