Kimchi Korea

Kimchi Korea

Kimchi Korea is a fanmade character by Suji500. She is based on her. She is part of the Lalaloopsy Country Series. She is also Suzy's sister!


Sewn On: September 28th (National Eat Kimchi Day)

Sewn From: The Korean National Flag

Personality of Kimchi

Kimchi loves to eat kimchi! She loves having food and loves singing Korean songs!

What Kimchi Looks Like

Hair Color: Black

What she wears: A blue and red hanbok with rainbow colored sleeves

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: A pink flower

Kimchi's Pet

Kinchi's pet is a cute, white Fennec Fox!

Kimchi's Home

Kimchi lives with her big sister, Suzy!

Kimchi's Other Merchandise

  • Kimchi Little
  • Kimchi Mini
  • Kimchi sister pack with Suzy Korea.

Guess What!

  • She was sewn on Suji500's birthday!
  • She is shown in the Lalaloopsy Wiki Wall!
  • September 28th is National Eat Kimchi Day.


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