• Semi-glass version. Even more pink.
  • Normal version. No, it's not that girl from Kill la Kill. I don't even watch that and I didn't know it looked like her
"Falling into the sky, towards the bottom of the dream"

First of mangekyou's harem. Must build up the harem.

also no, that uniform is not allowed in any school that still respects itself. if you're going to ask if you can really get that much paint on your clothes, yes, you can. yes, even on socks. you certainly have not seen my wardrobe hahaha (burn it) (my jackets are twenty thousand times worse than that trust me it does not look as good as you think)


Kyouka was sewn on July 26 with normal rags. Entering the other world, she slowly turned, and is still turning, into semi-glass.

Personality of Kyouka

Kyouka's a cool headed, mature person but can be quite stubborn, since she always wants to have the upper hand on everything. She can also be kind at times though. She didn't have that much close friends back at her highschool but on the other world, she quickly made friends with Shirayuki and Ito, sharing a filial relationship with everyone there. She might not get along all the time with mangekyou but she still considers him as a friend. He was the first person who found her there after all and for a few days (before Shirayuki appeared), the only person she had for company.

She was part of the art club at school.

What Kyouka Looks Like

Kyouka has brown eyes and bleached platinum hair with a portion in the middle left her natural brown. She ties the brown portion back with a sakura clip. She wears a gray sailor uniform with half of her top cropped to show her midsection. She also wears suspenders, a neckerchief and white socks with pink accidentally painted on them. In her semi-glass version, she has tiny cherry blossoms all over her body with the visible ones being one underneath her left eye and two on her waist. She has pink cherry blossoms reflected on her hair as well.

Kyouka's Pet

She used to feed the stray cats near her apartment when she was still in LCDI. The rainbow fish and birds in the other world avoid her like the plague though and she gets frustrated that they like mangekyou more than her.

Kyouka's Home

Kyouka used to rent an apartment back in LCDI. She lives in an abandoned house next to mangekyou's in the other world.

Kyouka's Other Merchandise

  • Normal Version Full Sized Doll
  • Semi-Glass Version Full Sized Doll
  • kaleidoscope Bundle

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