One day at the LCD fields, Melody was alone sitting near the bench while everyone is doing something artistic.

Melody: If only I could draw better...

Creative: *leaning on the top of the bench* 'Course you can!

Melody: GOSH! You scared me! I can't draw any better..

Spots: We can if we practice!

Scibbles:Why won't you try it's easy!

Coal: And pretty fun too!

Halre: Fun?! PUH LEASE! It's a waste of time!

Coal: PFT..!

Creative: Ok now! Let's stop fighting!

Halre: Bye! CANDY HEAD!!


Creative: *facepalms*

Spot: Ok.. Would you like to try it Mel?

Melody: No! I could just sing if not with this tonsilitis.

Coal: So that's why your tonsil looks swollen.

Halre: Hihihihihihihi! Nerd!


Creative: Come on it's fun at all!

Melody: But its for someone artistic...

Creative: Does not mean you aren't doing something artistic means your not creative

Coal: Yeah! I'm not artistc but creative! 



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