Lady Fireball
Lady Fireball is Issa Perez's fifth regular doll and her sixth lalaloopsy overall.


Sewn date: August 23

Sewn from: Red cloth


Unlike the other girls, She has a bit of a spicy attitude. She likes spicy food, and she is a bit random. She also has the special power to throw fireballs.

What she looks like

Hair color: dark reddish-brown

Eye color: Black

What she wears: a red crown, a one size small jacket, a green and yellow t-shirt, a purple and yellow tutu with polka dots, brown mini shorts, blue stockings, and brownish-yellow boots


Her pet is a pink bear!


Her house is pink with two rooms

Other Merchandise

  • Full size doll
  • Mini doll Series #1
  • Spicy lunch mini Series #4 (Second Edition)
  • Ball gown collection Series #11 (Third Edition)
  • Loopy hair
  • Loopy hair mini

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