Alisha & Aliyah Powergirls

Ayisha Pink (left) & Annisa Violet (right)

1. Anissa Violet & Ayisha Pink

Personality of Anissa: Happy & Sad

Personality of Ayisha: Hyper

Ayisha - Sewn From: A pink superhero's cape

Anissa - Sewn From: A violet superhero's cape

Ayisha Sewn On: Feb. 19

Anissa Sewn On: Mar. 26

Anna Beautiful & Miley Singsongs

Victoriana Beautifulpink (left) & Vana Musicblue (right)

2. Victoriana Beautifulmusic & Vana Musicblue

Personality of Victoriana: Pretty

Personality of Vana: Loves music

Vana - Sewn From: A blue princess gown

Victoriana - Sewn From: A pink princess gown

Vana Sewn On: Jun. 21

Victoriana Sewn On: Nov. 3

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