Lalaloopsy Customized Dolls is getting a TV show for good.

List of Season 1 episodes

  • The Sewn Heartstring (SEASON 1 AND SERIES PREMIERE)
  • Perfect Melody!
  • Using Your Sense
  • The Annual Friendship Parade
  • My Hair Got Cut!
  • Melody's Valentine
  • The Light of LCDI
  • Carolle's Eve (Christmas special!)
  • Bella's Skating Journey
  • Tori's Missing!
  • Melody and Miles' Wedding Preparation
  • A Random Land Generation Episode
  • The Tale of the Lost Girl: A True Story
  • LCD Meets Lalaloopsy Dolls
  • FINAL SEASON 1 EPISODE: The Battle Against Lucy Redheart

List of season 2 episodes

  • Now You See Sherry, Now You Don't (SEASON 2 PREMIERE)
  • National Pet Day
  • Flamey Meets Ember and Red
  • A Censored Episode
  • Music Practice
  • Free Twinkies
  • Daryl and Coal's Wedding
  • Daryl's Last Words
  • Weapon Robbers
  • Lucille throws a party!
  • A Wacky Wild Hair Girl
  • Scissors Cries Rainbows!
  • A Day on the Farm with Strawberry, Berry, and Sunny
  • Gloria's Lucky Day

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