Using Your Sense is the second episode on the Lalaloopsy Customized Dolls TV Show!



The story starts at Lucy's house. Lucy was destroying her house along with her pet bird. Lucy was shouting "NO ONE MAKES SENSE!". Then, when she was done destroying her house, she went to Strawberry's house while Strawberry was having a tea party with Razzy. Lucy screamed "Eww. LONG HAIR! NO ONE HAS LOGIC! YOU'RE SOOOO GROSS!!!". Strawberry got offended so she closed the door while Lucy was screaming. Lucy saw that Strawberry's house was closed after she screamed. Lucy opened the door and said "Hey you Strawberry, keep your dirty hair and stinky nails out of my lawn or else... YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN!". Strawberry and Razzy remained quiet. Lucy ran out of the house and went to Chippy's house. Chippy was baking cookies. Lucy ran in Chippy's house, destroyed her crumb collection and spilled her cookies. After that, Lucy ran away screaming "I HATE YOU ALL!". When she went back in her house, everything was a mess because she destroyed her house earlier. She asked help and no one answered. Then, Lucy ran back in her messy room. Bella, Minty, Melody and Tori went inside Lucy's house and ran to Lucy's room. They offered Lucy some help while Lucy agreed. Together, They cleaned up Lucy's house and became best friends. Lucy promised that she'll never ever ever ever ever ever ever be mean/bad. THE END!


  • Lucy never destroyed anything after this episode.


  • Be friends
  • Don't Be mean


  • Aliahvenicegarcia - writing/character use
  • Cookiez Rocker - character use
  • Suji500 - character use

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