Brocolli Green n Yummy

Brocolli loves being healthy.She really loves the color green and wears it all the time! She loves all foods,but most of all,she loves brocolli

Spicy Red Pepper

Spicy is a really firey girl! Most of the time she is nice,but if you make her mad,you can activate her spicy side.Her best friend is Ember

Carrot Hippity Hop

Carrot loves eating carrots.She eats so much carrots, she has supervision! She also loves to spring and jump all the time.She is friends with Cotton Hoppalong.She has a pet bunny.

Tomato Saucy Dip

Tomato likes all kinds of tomatoes.Tomato Soup,Regular Tomatos,Tomato Sauce and even Tomato Pie.

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