Lalaloopsy League of Music is a series/TV Show.

Episode 1: Broken Violin

Rina had broke her violin, will Ace help her fix it?

Episode 2: Here's Comes Patch The Bully

Patch decides to become a bully and Patch annoys in concert.

Episode 3: Melody's Birthday

Melody has a birthday today, but Patch butts in and ruins it.

Episode 4: The Bully Trap

Tori tells Ace that Patch is a bully in Lalaloopsy Land, so they built a bully trap, will this trap work?

Episode 5: Patch's Band

Patch invites Matey, and Peggy and they maked a band and called it The Evil Band. Will The Good Band get rid of Evil Band's concert?

Episode 6: The Fight between the Bands

The Good Band was so surprised that the Evil Band has come in the concert. Will they get rid of Evil Band?

Episode 7: Not So Good

The Evil Band takes over Lalaloopsy Land so will The Good Band save the day?

Episode 8: No More Evil Band

Columbus, Marina, and Peggy's mom makes The Evil Band gets bad reviews and get grounded for 5 days. Melody finally kisses Miles.

Episode 9: The Best Concert Ever

Melody throws a concert for getting good reviews on his good band and celebrates with a biggest concert for all Lalaloopsys and Littles out there.

Episode 10: The Final Episode

After Patch, Matey, and Peggy get ungrounded for 5 days, Patch, Matey, and Peggy says sorry for creating a band and being a bully to the good band. In the end, Peanut throws a firework party at Peanut's House for everyone in Lalaloopsy Land!

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