Lara Lavender

Gosh, she took four variations to finish! She will be my first of second dolls to be released this month, because now, I like Plants vs Zombies, Pokemon X, and Ameba Pigg more. I'm really sorry.


She has an unknown birthday, and was sewn from a Lavender Jacket.


Lara has a laid-back personality. (which means relaxed and easy-going) Sometimes, she slacks off and ends up being late, which the others dislikes.


She has a shoulder-length hairstyle with a side ponytail. She has a lavender colored jacket, underneath the jacket is a shirt. She also has a pair of lavender shorts. Her feet wears a pair of rubber shoes and white socks. (Can't a Lalacolor wear something other than her favorite color? This excludes Yara because the socks of Bea's shoes are non-colorable.)


Her pet is a Lavender dog.


Her home is made out of lavender yarn.


  • Full Size
  • Mini

Guess what!

  • She is sometimes late.

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