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Sewn On: April 15th (Leonardo Da Vinci's Birthday)

Sewn From: Leonardo Da vinci's Cape

Personality of Lea

Lea is an artistic architectural mathematician she creates unusually beautiful pieces of art. You will often find her behind a canvas or sculpting her next creation.

What Lea Looks Like

Skin: Fair

Eyes: Black

Head: Short, Straight, Blonde hair with a magenta colored beret.

Torso: Old fashioned, pink, long, puffy sleeved under shirt. A darker pink waist coat with Gold trim tied together with dark pink bows.

Bottom: Pink pleated skirt.

Shoes: Plain Brown leather boots with gold trim for decoration.

Other Accessories: A dark purple cape with gold trim.

Lea's Pet

Griffina Is a pink griffin the perfect pet for Lea. Griffina is both majestic and intelligent. With an orange beak and black button eyes she is very elegant.

Lea's House

Roof: Brown Tiles

Walls Brown wood and Orange bricks.

Other Merchandise

  • Large doll comes with pet and poster.

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