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Meet Leila Arrest, another customized lalaloopsy doll by Oriana2003love


Sewn on: September 21st (National Tell a Police Officer "Thank you" Day)

Sewn from: A Police officer's uniform

Personality of Leila

Leila loves laws! She'll arrest anybody if someone commits a crime! Her favorite food and beverage is Donuts and Coffee! Her best friend is Ember Flicker Flame!

What Leila looks like

Hair color: Brown

Headband color: N/A

What she wears: A blue police dress with sewn on sheriffs badge and tool belt with handcuffs and a taser

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: Blue

Other things on her dress: N/A

Leila's Pet

Leila's pet is a brown police dog!

Leila's other merchandise

  • Full sized Leila

Friends and Relatives

  • Ember Flicker Flame

Guess What!

  • She loves donuts!


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