Lemons 'N' Squeeze (by Aliahvenicegarcia)

Lemons 'N' Squeeze is by KeithArnaultsFanon and was later improved by Aliahvenicegarcia. Her little sister is Limes 'N' Squeeze.


Lemons 'N' Squeeze was sewn on August 21st (National Lemon Day). She was sewn from a Lemon!

Lemons' Personality

She loves lemons and loves to make lemonade for her friends! She really loves Keith Arnault, so she draws just like him!

Lemons' Appearance

Lemons wears a yellow dress along with a yellow pair of boots and a yellow ribbon.

She has pale skin with yellowish-gold eyes.


Her pet is a Yellow Bird.


Her house is a lemon!


  • She do not make lemonade sales for her friends.
  • She is obsessed with yellow.
  • She cut Razzy's hair!
  • August 21st is National Lemon Day


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