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Leo Kitten Whiskers



Sewn On: July 23rd ( The first day of the Leo Sign)

Sewn From: The mane of leo the lion

Personality of Leo

Leo is confident, ambitious and encouraging often times she is a little melodramatic but that does not last long. Her warm spirit makes her a really good friend her dearest friends love how she cheers them all on. She is very respectful and understanding and sticks to the motto of keep moving forward.

What Leo Looks Like

Skin: Fair

Eyes: Black

Head: Bright yellow hair loose and in a ponytail kind of rough like a lions mane. Yellow lion ears with a pin hair tie tying up her ponytail.

Torso: Yellow and pink dress with 3/4 puffy frilly sleeves. Her belt buckle has the leo sign branded on to it.

Bottom: yellow skirt hoisted up with 2 pink suspenders so she can run without having to hold her skirt up.

Leo's Pet

Leonie is a yellow lioness with black button eyes and a pink tipped tail shes mischievous and loyal.

Leo's House

Roof: Bricks

Walls: Wooden

Other Merchandise

Large Doll comes with poster and pet

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