Lickety Split.... Does your hair color remind you of somebody? (Sally Bright Petunia, Sorry)


She was sewn on May 21. She was sewn from a pair of golf gloves. No wonder she loves playing miniature golf!


Aside for an interest for miniature golf, She is lickety-split fast! Ask her a favor, and she will do it fast!


She has a hat with a little ball on top, a small jacket, a hoopskirt, and a white dress. Her hoop skirt has small dots. She also has kneesocks and pink shoes.


Her pet is an edible rabbit. She also has a pink/white striped bow.


Her home has a pink roof, and lavender walls. The roof also has strawberries and two golf clubs.

Other Merchandise

  • Full Size Doll
  • Mini Doll - Sew Sweet Series
  • Mini Bundle - Sew Sweet Series
  • Metal Tin Lunchbox with the other Sew Sweet Series

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