Lightning is the little sister of Scraps!
Image scraos


Sewn On:

Sewn From: A witches cape

Personality Of Lighting

Lightning loves to make potions! She loves to read haunted potion books, and make them! She loves her sister and her dog.

What Lightning looks like

Hair Color: Black

Hairband Color: Green and Purple

What she wears: A purple tee with long black sleeves and a green skirt.

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: Green and purple polka dots.

Other things on her dress: None

Shoes: Black Boots

Lightning's Pet

She as purple dog with a black collar with green spikes. It has black is and green paws. Some people say it has a nose. Others say it has 3 eyes. Who knows? It's not the best pet in the LCDWiki!

Lightning's Home

She lives with her big sister, Scraps!

Guess What!

  • Her Pet is the same as her big sister.
  • The green on her face is acctually a face-paint that she likes to wear.


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