I'm so confused about the dress.

Hello, hello. Cookiez here. I wonder if I should bring back Cookiez' Weekly Dolls since it's spring break and I have nothing to do.

Anyways, here's Lili. She's half Chinese/Someplace European... Probably Germany since her last name means ashes in German. Yes, I am now formally learning German via DuoLingo. Cause why not. I'm really bored since I have no one to talk to and again, it's spring break.

Name explanationsss: Li means dark in Chinese. Aschen means ashes in German. Tada.


Lili was sewn with Chinese silk and some random fabric from Europe. She doesn't really know where it's from but hey. People assume it's from Germany even if she's from London. So why not assume it's a mix of German and English. She's probably 1/4 German and English and 2/4 Chinese. She was sewn sometime during 1812 and was fixed during 1854.

Personality of Lili

??? She's sort of from the mafia? Yakuza? Anyways, her father (who's 1/2 German and English) raised her since she was little. Which, of course, resulted in her being... Umm... Assassin-like. She usually does the deed by pretending to be an innocent little girl selling apples. Except the apples are poisoned. Oh well. She also looks very kind. And motherly. Which allows her to infiltrate(?) a house without the targets being worried. Since, you know, she's just a poor little girl who wants shelter inside and is apparently very eager to bake you an apple pie and do the chores. What am I writing down. Help. Also, she hates women so she usually tortures them by making them dance for her in glowing-hot iron shoes.

What Lili Looks Like

I'm still confused about the dress. Anyways, she wears a transparent red beizi over a long sleeved gray polo and gray skirt with bronze ruffles underneath. She ties a transparent gold sash over the dress and beizi and also wears grey legwarmer-ish socks and red cotton slippers. She has long, straight cut black hair that she ties midway with a transparent gold sash and bluish grey eyes.

Lili's Pet

The closest thing to a pet that Lili has are the prisoners in her home's basement. They're all men. Mostly because she hates women but also 'cause you know what they say. All men are dogs. And masochists. Did I forget to mention that Lili is an extreme sadist?

Lili's Home

It's less of a home and more of a house, really. It's a fairly huge western house with lots of rooms for the other members of the... Organization. They all treat Lili with respect and call her "Big sister" cause yakuzas. Also, we all know about the basement.

Other Merchandise

  • Full sized Doll
  • Mini Doll
  • ButtonTales! Bundle

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