Bonjour! Welcome to the Little Miss Princess - October 2013! This time, we have strict rules. 

We are in search of country-themed dolls. Please do NOT enter casual-themed dolls that have no relation to country-themed dolls. This is a STRICT CONTEST, so please make sure to follow ALL the rules. This contest is not like our other contests that are fan-art-related.

The winner for Little Miss Princess October 2013 is...Suzy Korea and Jackie White 'N' Blue!Thank you for voting and participating!

RULES (Read before entering/voting)

  • Please enter country-themed dolls. If one user already entered the doll that you were supposed to enter, DO NOT ENTER. Please use another country-themed doll if that happens.
  • Make sure to use proper capitalization if you're voting.
  • If entering, please use the basic doll base on We will ELIMINATE any entries that are not using the basic doll base.
  • This is a big contest, so please don't enter comments like "My drawing looks bad" or "OH NO!".
  • You cannot use other accounts to vote.
  • Please vote 1.

Here are the contestants:

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