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Livy Grave Walker



Name: Livy Grave Walker

Sewn On: November 1st (The Day Of The Dead)

Sewn From: Sugar Skull Dress

Personality of Livy

Livy despite her appearance is a lively Girl. She is very brave and honest she will never let you down.

What Livy Looks Like

Skin: Fair

Eyes: Black Buttons

Head: Black hair with white strips and a large purple and black rosed wreath

Torso: Large Pufy White Short Sleeves Purple white patterned corset

Bottom: Long Purple High Low Skirt

Shoes: Black open top shoes with black ankle wraps

Other Accessories: Traditional Day of the dead face paint in purple, black and white.

Livy's Pet

Skeli is Livys best friend he is a bunny dressed in a fullbody skeleton costume. He loves sweets and of course his best friend Livy.

Livy's Home 

Roof: Tiles and green slime

Walls: Bricks ghosts and ghouls

Other Merchandise

Large Doll Comes with Pet and Poster.

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