Louise Sings-a-lot
Louise Sings-a-lot is Issa Perez's First Lalaloopsy Little! and fifth Lalaloopsy overall. She is the younger sister of Lucille Dance-a-lot.


Sewn on: August 9 (Whitney Houston's Birthday)

Sewn from: Pieces of an old pink and red dress


She is a great singer! In fact, she is the best of the littles to sing in Lalaloopsy Land! Whenever Mr. And Mrs. A-lot leave for a getaway, she usally gets locked up in basement because, she is much of a tattletale. Currently, she needs a friend.

What she looks like

Hair color: Lavender

Eye color: Pink

What she wears: Star hairpin, Pink, red, and yellow dress, and ballet shoes


Her pet is a cute bunny!


She lives with her older sister, Lucille.

Other Merchandise

  • Louise Littles doll
  • Louise Silly hair littles doll
  • A-lot Sister sister pack  with Lucille
  • Louise Loopy Hair littles doll
  • Sister pack large loopy hair - with Lucille
  • Sister pack mini loopy hait - with Lucille
  • Sister pack large - with Lucille
  • Sister pack mini - with Lucille


Guess what?

  • Her shoes are the exact same as Twisty Thumbelina's!
  • One time, she drank one of Helen's poitions thinking it's dancing power juice, Her eyes has laser vision.
  • She dosen't believe that Lucille can reach the stars. How ever she stopped.

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