• Love's Final Revamp (Made with MS Paint)
  • LB Style Square Exclusive Outfit
I really need to finish my unreleased dolls before I can make new ones, so here's like the third doll of today, Love. I didn't use sweetness because, I don't want a similar name to Fluttershy. I also wanna finish posting the unreleased dolls by mum's birthday, cause we will be going somewhere for sure.


Sewn date: September 6 (Love's Birthday)

Sewn from: Love's Rainbow tee


Love is a half-doll and half-fashionable witch. She also enjoys dancing and window shopping. Fashionable Witches can also switch dresses without having to be alone.


She wears an orange and yellow 3/4 rainbow tee. Her jeans a ribbon and stars (sorry I forgot to put :() Her footwear are pink sneakers.


She doesn't have one, although she would like a bunny. :3


She lives in a 2-story house. Although It is half-mountain high, so it is pretty hard to climb up for someone who gets tired easily

Other Merchandise

  • Full Size Doll
  • Full Size Doll with Mini
  • LB Style Square Edition (LB Style Square is in Japan only, sorry.)
  • Best Friend Pack ~ with Beri
  • Loopy Hair Doll
  • LB Style Square Exclusive Costume (The LB Style Square Outfit)
  • Love and Berry 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition
  • September 6th is Love's Birthday.


Guess What?

  • Her page is the 300th article in the wiki!

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