New Lucille

Lucille is the first Custom Lalaloopsy doll by Issa Perez. Her Little sister is Louise Sings-a-lot. Sadly, she's retired now.


Sewn Date: September 21 (The day Issa joins LCDWiki)

Sewn from: Old pink and red dress


Lucille is a girl who likes dancing of all kinds! Her friends always expect a great peformance from her whenever there is a Talent Show. She also likes inspiring people to one day, shine like a star in the sky. She dosen't listen to her mum and dad. Her nickname is Lulu.

What she looks like

Hair color: Lavender

Eye Color: Pink

What she wears: Hair Ties, Fake fur vest, sparkly pink top with green ribbon, pink and green tutu, polka dot stockings, and fake leather boots


A star that fell all the way from another universe!


A Pink two-story townhouse with ribbons on the roof

Other Merchandise

  • Full size doll
  • mini doll Series #1
  • Pajamas mini doll Series #4 (2nd edition)
  • Ball gown collection Series #11 (3rd edition)
  • Loopy hair
  • Loopy hair mini
  • Silly Hair
  • Large sister pack - with Louise
  • mini sister pack - with Louise
  • Lalaloopsy Custom Movie - Lucille throws a party

Lucille's Gallery

Guess What?

  • She once failed a band audition.
  • Her pet dosen't have button eyes.
  • She is Issa Perez's first Lalaloopsy to change design.
  • Her pet is special like Magic 'N' Tastics, and Birthday Drippy 'n' Yummy.
  • September 21st is The day Issa joins LCDWiki.

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