Remade! Dis background tho... TT^TT

Yay 2nd in le VocaButtons! The big coughbreastedcough girl! Gonna Make this quick... Whatever!


Luka is the second doll in the line VocaButtons! She came alive when the last pink soundwave was added! She was finished on January 30.

Luka's Personality

Luka is a TSUNDERE (especially with Gakupo), a bookworm and a big sister type. She likes hanging out with Gumi since Gumi's kinda quite (...most of the time) She really likes tuna and eats it often.

What Luka Looks Like

Luka has long pink salmon hair that reaches down her thighs. She's fair skinned with blue eyes and has a red 03 on her arm. She wears a gray top that shows her midriff and a long skirt that shows the sides of her legs. All of them are lined with gold. She wears golden boots with dark brown leggings and detached sleeves.

Luka's Pet

Her pet is a pink octopus called Tako Luka!!! You can just google it 'cause am too lazy to write this part.

Luka's Home

Luka's room in the VocaMansion is totally *whispers* ...weird & KAWAII (screams loud enough for Luka to hear but I was joking about le kawaii part) Anyways the walls are pink with tuna designs and she has a fluffy western bed with tuna pillows and a giant tuna plushie. She has a fluffy, giant salmon pink rug of a tuna and has bookshelves that reach up the ceiling, covering one side of her room.

Luka's Other Merchadises

  • Luka Singing Full Sized Doll
  • Luka Full Sized Doll
  • Luka Mini Doll
  • Luka Silly Hair Doll
  • Luka and Miku Full Size
  • Luka Loopy Hair Doll

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