• Macca V.1! Raspberry... Too overrated?
  • Macca V.2! #Minty
  • Macca V.3! Vanilla's overrated tho...
  • Macca V.4! I bet you thought this was chocolate.... It isn't coffee and yes, it is chocolate. (and caramel... filling)
Please excuse my naming skills... I can't think of anything cool or cute right now... I NEED DOLL IDEAS~ Anyways I've never eaten a macaron before but from how Glutamine-sama sees it... Well... it's probably yummy... Haha lemme add one more hashtag before proceeding. #BirthdayDrippyNYummy


Macca was sewn on March 20 with macarons... which explains how she can taste and look different (smell different too)... Well the taste counts if you lick her anyways....

Personality of Macca

Macca is smooth and melts the buttons out of anyone ( Although she melts easily herself...) she meets. Although under that facade, she is actually rough, violent and an EXTREME TSUNDERE. She only shows her real personaity towards her closest friends.

What Macca Looks Like

Macca is fair skinned with pale pink cheeks. She has knee length, wavy hair that she ties with... well coffee powder. It's impossible, yes but if rag dolls can become loopsies, coffee powder can become hair bands. Her hair and clothes' colors depend on her mood. If she feels sour she turns lemon flavored, etc. She honestly can only manage four colors though, no matter her mood: mint, pink, blonde and brown. This is due to her suppressing her true personality that she can't manage to do other flavors. Oh well.

Macca's Pet

Well... She got a bunny for Christmas. It changes color and hops around.... Very exciting. -No. Seriously. It's exciting to watch it change colors everyday... I think. Well Ms. Creator here likes watching paint dry but if you guys don't then...

Macca's Home

Macca lives in a smooth domed house that changes color. It has ruffly plant boxes in two pararell lines near the middle. The furniture inside also changes colors everyday.... and are all ruffly.... 

Macca's Other Merchandise

  • Macca Full Size
  • Macca Silly Hair Doll
  • Macca Mini
  • Macca Loopy Yarn Hair

Guess What?

  • She's good friends with Suzette
  • She actually has really long hair if she lets her hair down
  • Tira Coffee Misu is her cousin and BFF
  • Tira is one of the few people who know her other personality

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