Macie Vities

BTW She's the choco ones....

Yay! Fourth Biscuit Loopsy! Is this even a loopsy line? Anyways Macie is obviously based on McVities.... the only flavors we ever buy is........* drum roll*..............*again* tea and original! (; ^ ; ")'  I'm sad. (Although I do buy those Spongebob choco ones.)


Macie's sewn on.... well lets just say that she's very flammable so yeah... but she was originally sewn sometime in the 80's.... with digestive cookies.

Personality of Macie

Macie is very cute but clumsy (MOE!!) so she frequently gets resewn.She loves making digestive cookies and giving them away to her friends, Syrup, Jamie and Oreo.

What Macie Looks Like

Macie has brown eyes, pale pink cheeks and is fair skinned. She has brown hair at front and biscuit colored hair at the back. She wears a red dress that almost looks like Jewel's. She wears red knee lenght socks and white shoes.

Macie's Pet

Pet rock macie

Macie has a pet rock that looks like a biscuit...... okay. Maybe not. I'll just make every BLs that I make/edit have a pet rock  ; ^ ; It mysteriously appears with every single thing that Macie forgets when they move houses. (See I made him do something rocks wouldn't)

Macie's Home

Macie moves houses for like 5 times a year but she usually just paints the indoor walls biscuit colored while the outdoor walls a darker shade of that. Her roof is usually brown and every door/window in the house is red.

Macie's Other Merchandises

  • Full Sized Doll
  • Mini Doll
  • Loopy Yarn doll
  • Silly Hair Doll
  • Biscuit Loopsies Bundle Pack

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