Cropped Mairy
Mairy Trendstter is a doll that was made by.... Aliethetheresian.


She was sewn from a designer's extra cloth on May 11.


She loves wearing Rainbow Loom bracelets and necklaces. She hates wearing pants and loves wearing skirts. Her BFF is Sarah Springrun.


Her hair color is like Harmony B. Sharp. Her eye color is blue. She wears a yellow sweater along with a purple skirt. She also wears a purple bracelet and pink shoes.


No pet at all.


  • Mairy Trendsetter Full Sized Doll
  • Mairy Trendsetter Mini
  • Mairy Trendsetter - Lalaloopsy Babies

Guess What!

  • She is Aliah's first doll made only with paint and has no pet.

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